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Q-PAC Arrays

Q-PAC Arrays™

Q-PAC Arrays™ are ideal for fan replacement applications in commercial and industrial applications. Hand carry fans and install an array with ease, and say goodbye to fan maintenance.


Q-PAC™ Orientation

Q-PAC™ can fit any aspect ratio, in any configuration. Mount it horizontally, vertically, or diagonally! With up to 200,000 CFM per array, 8.5”+ static pressure per fan, Q-PAC is perfect for any size fan replacement.

BACnet compatible

Q-PAC™ Options

Options include BACnet compatible controller, backdraft dampers, access door in the bulkhead wall,  and N+1 redundancy.

Q-PAC Fan Array

The Benefits of ECM Technology

EC motors are much more efficient than standard motors, especially at part load. With the compact motor, elimination of VFDs, and integral frame, ECM fans are very lightweight. No bearing grease or belts means ZERO maintenance.

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Fan Array Applications

Providing Solutions Nationwide

EC motor plenum fans have been in common use for over a decade for a wide variety of applications. Their reliability makes them ideal for mission-critical facilities, yet they are affordable enough to apply in common commercial locations.

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