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09   /   19   /   2018

Existing System

Manufactured in January of 1999, the original fan at the Franklin Templeton Center II was a “built in” type, driven by a 75hp AC induction motor drawing 65.56 BHP while delivering 72,000 CFM with 4.3 inWC.  

Franklin Templeton Center II is located in the Brighton Bay neighborhood.  This Class B Office building was completed in 1997 and features a total of 280,000 square feet of office space and is managed by Franklin Templeton Investments.

The large Franklin Templeton office building needed an upgrade to their antiquated air handling unit.  This included UV Lighting and Filtration to improve air quality within the building.  It also included replacing the old belt-driven centrifugal fan that moves air throughout the ducting system.

The existing unit had belts that needed replaced periodically, as well as shaft bearings that required grease.  The fan system had become a maintenance money pit due to wear and tear from general use in addition to the salty air from the close proximity to the Gulf of Mexico.  Furthermore, the entry door allowing access to the AHU was only 34” wide and 72” high while the existing fan was approximately 66” wide x 100” deep making it difficult, if not impossible, to replace the fan with an identical system.

The maintenance manager was seeking a fan system solution that would not require special cranes, rigging nor demolition of the existing building.  He hoped to replace the fan then install new filtration and UV lights while keeping the existing shell of the AHU.

Based on the inability to completely replace the existing system with an exact duplicate, the selected contractor on the project, ISS Mechanical, had presented a solution that included direct drive boxed plenum fans with AC induction motors and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).  However, once ISS Mechanical reviewed the Q-PAC fan replacement system, they choose Q-PAC due to the simplicity of the Q-PAC Fan Array and felt this would be a better solution for the Franklin-Templeton project.

Bulk Head wall Assembly

Fan Arrays

After the completion of the demolition of the existing centrifugal belt driven fan, the installation crew was ready to install the Q-PAC fan system.  

Q-PAC provided on-site supervision as this was the first installation of such a system for the ISS Team. The Service Manager for ISS, Albert Puertos, led a crew of five (5) technicians on the install. Meanwhile, an Electrician and his assistant, went to work on installing the Control Panel, integrating with the BAS system, and running conduit and wires from the single point power control to the Q-PAC Quick Connect box inside the Air Handling Unit cabinet.


The Mechanical crew installed an angle iron frame around the inside of the AHU cabinet and Q-PAC supplied Bulkhead sections.  Once these sections were installed, ten (10) ECM Fans were attached to the bulkhead, power and control wires were run, then the pressure tubing was connected to the Quick Connect box.

The entire Q-PAC fan system installation required a total of seven (7) hours. The fan system replacement was completed within one (1) business day and was up and running by 4 PM.

 “I am so impressed with how smooth and quiet the Q-PAC fans are, even at maximum RPM. It has been seven months since this fan system has been in operation and I am very happy with this fan replacement solution”.

- Michael Coleman