Q-PAC Systems

Q-PAC began in 2012 when we saw a need for ECM technology in the American commercial HVAC market. With a mix of industry veterans, and young minds, we combine the knowledge of what our customers need with speedy research and design, and a passion to provide the best possible fan system in any new or existing air handling unit.


Our mentality is to keep it simple. We ship a kit with every component you need for an ECM fan array, and you install it in a few hours. With our patented Quick Connect wiring system, required electrician time is cut by 75%. Our optional BACnet compatible controllers make system integration simple.

Q-PAC is the leading, most technologically advanced, and unique commercial air handling unit fan system line of products available in the market today. Q-PAC fan systems are engineered to optimize design, installation, and drive operational efficiencies. As industry trailblazers, we are committed to speed, reliability, simplicity, and flexibility.

Q-PAC Fs1 fan System

Based on industry dynamics and market feedback, Q-PAC’s product development team enhanced major design aspects to bring you the all-new FS1 fan system product line. FS1 brings a new level of scalability enhancing Q-PAC’s ability to tailor each fan system to the individual product channel. Our approach to fan integration has been innovated with a more robust design and component architecture to deliver exciting new features.

Q-PAC FS1 product line is fan agnostic. Our proprietary fan integration technology allows us to integrate more fan manufacturers and expand our fan catalog more rapidly.

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EBM Papst Fan.png
Rosenberg Fan.png

Q-PAC fan Systems

FS1 wall

The Q-PAC FS1 Wall brings additional benefits such as:

  • Fan Ledges provide a fixed connection point for all fans and simplify their installation and interchangeability.

  • The wall harnesses bundle power, control, and pressure connections into a single pre-determined route.

FS1 Wall introduces integrator modules of up to 9 fans as a building block to simplify the design of larger systems. Multiple integrator modules can be joined with our new coupler. Couplers are created to join multiple modules in the future: 

  • Blank Modules to cover extra space.

  • Door Modules to add a door to the FS1 fan system. 

FS1R REV 0 - Two Integators (Exploded).png
9inch TSP.gif



Monitor array air flow, energy consumption, and individual fan status

FS1 Control Panel.png
FS1R REV 0 Test 2.png


 Quick Connect

Allows for a "Plug and Play" concept and reduces need of an electrician.

CFM Range

4,000 - 200,000CFM


Applied in 

Hospitals / Healthcare

Universities / Higher Education


Phrama / Labs

Office Buildings

Other Large Buildings 

Office Building