FrequentlYAsked Questions

What is Q-PAC?

Q-PAC is a fully kitted, EC fan array solution. The kit includes EC fans, bulkhead, single point power panel, and Quick Connect box. 

Q-PAC Kit Overhead.png

Do EC fans have a significant harmonic signature?

No, the harmonic signature of an array of ECM fan assemblies is actually slightly better than an array made up of conventional AC induction motors paired with a typical 6 pulse VFD.

How easy is it to install Q-PAC systems?

Q-PAC systems aim to be the easiest solution to install. A couple of guys can get the system installed in a couple hours. Check out our YouTube install video


Is the bulkhead wall included with the Q-PAC kit? 

Yes, absolutely everything is included with the Q-PAC kit. The Q-PAC bulkhead wall is a standing seam construction design using G90 14 ga galvanized material. It is sized to fit the interior space of the air tunnel where the array will be installed. 

How long does it take for Q-PAC to ship out a warranty replacement fan assembly? 

Q-PAC commits to a 48 hour work day fan replacement shipment time. We have a minimum emergency stock level of replacement fan assemblies for every model fan we have shipped in the past five years. 


Can I find diagrams and technical information online for Q-PAC systems?

Yes, please list our customer support portal where you can look at documents online and make a support request.

When a fan fails do we only replace the motor or fan wheel? Or does the whole assembly get replaced?

The entire ECM assembly is always replaced. Q-PAC's plug-and-play wiring system makes this a very simple and quick process at 10 minutes or less per fan.


Can a Q-PAC system interface with my existing building controls?

Yes, we have two packages. Our Premium package comes with a BACnet enabled controller to interface with existing building systems and provide a multiple of valuable data. Our Basic package is easily controlled from an already developed control system or as a stand-alone and will operate by se ding a 0-10 volt signal or you can set the desired speed from the front of our controller.

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